Cookie script demo

This is the demo version of the AdResults cookie script. It’s possible to reset the cookie settings, to see the pop-up that shows up at the first visit and to look at the settings pop-up. Text within the cookie tool is adjustable. The level of cookie acceptation can be set. For more information about the cookie script, please read the cookie script manual.

Cookie pop-up
The cookie pop-up appears on the right corner when a visitor enters a page. The pop-up is shown until a visitor accepts the cookies. It is also possible to adjust the cookie script: the pop-up will then disappear if a second page is visited.

Reset cookies to show the cookie pop-up.

Cookie settings pop-up
If a visitor clicks on the “settings” link in the cookie pop-up, settings are shown. It’s also possible to add a link to your website that will open the settings (also when the pop-up is closed). Visitors can change the cookie settings after they accept the cookies with this link.

Open settings pop-up

Current status cookie acceptation

You haven’t accepted any cookies yet. …